Bang A Pagoda

Bang A Pagoda is the highest one in Hanoi. The pagoda was completed under the advice from renowned Prof. Nakagawa of Waseda University in 2010. There you can learn about Buddhism in Vietnam. For more details, Buddhism may have first come to Vietnam as early as the 3rd or 2nd century BC from South Asia or from China in the 1st or 2nd century AD. Vietnamese Buddhism has had a symbiotic relationship with certain elements of Taoism, Chinese spirituality, and the Vietnamese folk religion.

Bang A Pagoda is also a place for teaching martial arts. Besides providing the disciples with exercises to practice techniques of form, kicks and body, martial arts masters of the school also teach them the Buddhist beliefs, thereby making them inclined to be good and useful for society. It is the guideline and motto to develop the martial arts school for the long term. If you’re a fan of this type of activity, Bang A Pagoda is absolutely an idea place for you during your Vietnam Tour Packages.

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Bang A Pagoda

Address: Bang A Pagoda, No 63 Bang Liet street, Bang A, Hoang Liet, Hoang Mai District, Hanoi

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