Best guide on getting a Cambodia tourist visa

It’s never the bad time to travel to the Kingdom of Cambodia. This country will wow you with not only incredible ancient sites but many sunny, beautiful beaches. Nevertheless, the process of getting a Cambodia tourist visa simple, flexible and causes no sweat at all, making one of the best thrilling parts of travelling. These are the most important information needed when you are applying for approval on arriving in this country.

Exemption for Cambodia Tourist Visa

Travelers will have the privilege of exempting from Cambodia tourist visa if they come from several countries, including: Brunei, Indonesia, Laos, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, Bulgaria, Cuba, Hungary, Malaysia, Republic of Korea, Peru, Russia and Slovakia. The number of days allowed for a foreign national to stay in Cambodia may ranges from 14 to 30 days or dedicated by the government agencies, depending on each country above.

Apply for a Cambodia Tourist Visa

Aside from the listed above countries, passport holders from the others are required to have a tourist visa to enter Cambodia. Firstly, a Cambodia Tourist Visa can be applied for and acquired upon arrival in a Cambodian border-gate and international airport. Secondly, entry visas into Cambodia are also issued in Cambodian embassies and consulates in countries where they are present.

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Finally, Cambodian government has made it extremely easy for tourists to get a Cambodia tourist Visa online. A visa purchased online is called e-visa. You pay for it online and it will be sent to you online too. All of the things you have to do is printing it and bringing with you to Cambodia. Please note that passport holders cannot apply for a Cambodia e-visa if they come from Afghanistan, Algeria, Saudi Arabia, Bangladesh, Iran, Iraq, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Sudan, and Nigeria. They apply for the Cambodian tourist visa from a Cambodian Embassy instead.

Cambodia Tourist Visa Procedure

To get a Cambodia Tourist visa, you should submit the form using your passport details, estimated arrival date along with the visa fee. It costs US$30.00 for a Cambodia Tourist Visa when it is issued by both a Cambodia embassy and the authorized agencies at Cambodia border-gate or international airport. As for applying for E-visa, official rate for it is US$30.00 + Processing Fee of US$7.00 = Total US$37.00. Note that a child below the age of 12, traveling with a parent will be issued a visa free of charge.

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