Chang Son Hand Fan Village

Chang Son is a famous traditional craft village for its sophisticate and creative wooden hand fans. Although it has existed hundred years, the Chang Son hand fan village always deftly changes as the development of the country, both to preserve and inherit the tradition of their homeland and promote national cultural quintessence. Coming to Chang Son, you will not only visit production processes of traditional hand fans, but also behold the ancient countryside landscape that Chang Son villagers themselves try to keep for years before the nonstop changes of the country.

Today, Vietnam on the path of innovation owns a lot of convenient technology products, perfectly functional replacement for wooden hand fans. However, there are still historical value and aesthetic value that are only found in the craft Chang Son hand fans and no technology equipment can be replaced.

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Chang Son Hand Fan Village

Address: Chang Son Village, Thach That District, Hanoi
Note: Chang Son Han Fan Village is about 30 km from Hanoi city center in the Northwest, in the middle of vast rice paddies; Chang Son slowly appears lively with banyan trees, wells, communal house, tile roof, village gate together with a huge number of paper hand fans along small lanes of the village.

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