Co Loa Ancient Citadel is regarded as one of the oldest structures in Vietnam History. The spiral-shaped citadel features with the ancient ramparts, which remain but quite hard to figure out. According to scientists, Co Loa Ancient Citadel is also the most creative masterpieces of Vietnamese ancestors. On coming there, you will have chance to visit the Am Mi Chau Pagoda which was named after a princess, sightsee the serene landscapes surrounding the citadel and listen to the sad story of the princess Mi Chau, the story about love, fatherhood and patriotism.

Besides, inside the Am Mi Chau Pagoda is a museum displaying archaeological findings as well as a good display of Buddhist statuary dating back hundred years ago. So let’s make a plan to visit Co Loa Ancient Citadel which are well-included in our last minute Vietnam Holiday.

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Co Loa Ancient Citadel

16km outside Hanoi
Daily 08:00 to 17:00.

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