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Con Dao Islands is isolated from the mainland, the Con Dao Islands are one of Vietnam’s star attractions. Long the Devil’s Island of Indochina, the preserve of political prisoners and undesirables, it now turns heads thanks to its striking natural beauty. Con Son, the largest of this chain of 15 islands and islets, is ringed with lovely beaches, coral reefs and scenic bays, and remains partially covered in thick forests. In addition to hiking, diving and exploring deserted coastal roads and beaches, there are excellent wildlife-watching opportunities such as the black giant squirrel and endemic bow-fingered gecko.

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Although it seems an island paradise, Con Son was once hell on earth for the thousands of prisoners who languished in confinement in no less than a dozen jails during French rule and the American-backed regime. Many visitors here are package-tour groups of former VC soldiers who were imprisoned on the island. The Vietnamese government subsidises these jaunts as a show of gratitude for their sacrifice.

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Con Dao Islands

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Tiger cages

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Phu Hai Prison

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