Hanoi Hoa Lo Prison has another name, which is “Hanoi Hilton Prison” – The sarcastic nickname bestowed by US prisoners of war on the Hoa Lo prison in Hanoi, formerly North Vietnam. The purpose of the museum is ostensibly to show the revolutionary Vietnamese heroes’ struggle against brutal colonial repression, but the space is much more than a monument to political conflict. It is a reminder of utter, complete, and devastating misery, and how draconian discipline and punishment — no matter the regime inflicting it or who the prisoners are — is an affront to and directly contradicts basic human rights. Hanoi Hoa Lo prison may bring the saddest moment for any traveler who is taking their first Vietnam tours

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The Hoa Lo Prison

Address: No 1 Hoa Lo Street, Tran Hung Dao Ward, Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi
Opening hours: 8AM–5PM
Phone: 04 3934 2253

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