Hoi An: Attractions & Points of Interest

In Hoi An, the term “sightseeing ” can be taken literally, you wont see the traffic of Hanoi and Saigon in here and Hoi An points of Interest are just countless combination of historic and natural sites. In general, Hoi An, a centrally located Vietnamese city seems to be a little more relaxed. The former fishing village on the Thu Bon River has now become a tourist magnet. Restaurants, bars and souvenir shops are located in the historical old town.

Hoi An is one of the most popular tourist destinations and one not to be missed part for almost all Vietnam tours . The beautiful old buildings, the narrow lanes, the relaxed atmosphere and the excellent food bring every tourist to swarm. Despite the large number of tourists who visit Hoi An every year, the city has retained its charm. Below you will find information about the most interesting points of interest, sights and activities in Hoi An

Hoi An sights & Points of Interest

tan ky ancient house hoi an vietnam

Tam Ky House

japanese covered bridge hoi an vietnam

Japanese bridge

Assembly Hall of the Fujian Chinese Congregation

Assembly Hall

hoi an old town

Hoi An old town

Phung Hung Old House hoi an

Phung Hung House

Tran Family Chapel hoi an

Tran Family Chapel

Quan Cong Temple hoi an

Quan Cong Temple

Cam Kim Island an island in hoi an vietnam

Cam Kim Island

Chinese All-Community Assembly Hall

Chinese Hal

museum of trading ceramics in hoi an vietnam

Trade Ceramics Museum

Quan Thang House in hoi an vietnam

Quan Thang House

Tra Kieu village Simhapura

Tra Kieu Simhapura

Phuoc Lam Pagoda hoi an vietnam

Phuoc Lam Pagoda

Tran Duong House in hoi an vietnam

Tran Duong House

Chuc Thanh Pagoda in hoi an Vietnam

Chuc Thanh Pagoda

Hoi An Museum of History & Culture

Museum of History & Culture

Hoi An attractions & Points of Interest

To experience most out of Hoi An points of interest and top things to do you may focus on the highlights of the Hoi An old town are the magnificent 18th century Chinese connecting houses and temples, the Japanese Bridge dating back to 1763 and the lovingly restored commercial buildings, all of which are on the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Even if the city and its historical buildings seem like a museum, the inhabitants of Hoi An follow their normal everyday life.

hoi an points of interest

For most sights and things to do in Hoi An, visitors will need the “Hoi An Old Town Ticket”. The ticket cost 90,000 VND and includes a visit to a residential house, a meeting hall, a museum, a temple and a traditional workshop. To see more buildings, you have to buy more tickets accordingly.

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