Hue Travel: Tourist sights & Points of Interest

Almost every Hue points of interest and the sights are part of the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage: The Forbidden City, the Thien-Mu Pagoda and the most beautiful historic citadels. In the last two decades, UNESCO has extensively restored and reconstructed many of these sites. The Forbidden City and the Citadel are in the middle of the city and are visited within easy walking distance. The pagodas and the emperors can be reached by boat and motorcycle taxis and also advised to visit with a tour guide to let you understand about the history of the city and each sites. Vietnam day trips are a good starting points.

Sights to visit in Hue, central Vietnam

imperial citadel of hue in vietnam

Imperial citadel

Thien Mu Pagoda

Thein Mu Pagoda

Hue points of interest

Hue is a small town in Central Vietnam that has a lot of culture to offer and is not as “stressful” as Ho Chi Minh city or Hanoi. Some temples are huge complexes with beautiful gardens and very well-preserved historical culture. Hue Points of interest and top tourist attractions are in and around the historic citadel. 

Weather in Hue

Mid-October – mid-December and February to March are considered as rainy season in Hue. If you visit Hue in November you will find it the best time to travel and stay since there are often some rain which disappeared just as quickly as fall, then the sun shine and you will get 30 degrees to relax.

hue points of interest

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