Cool Off Your Place with Modern Ceiling Fans

Wouldn’t it be nice if you turn off your energy pulling air conditioner? There are other methods such as using best modern ceiling fans with lights to cool your home and body that is a lot cheaper.

Usually, having an aircon is a must in places where heat waves are the norm. Unfortunately, it comes with a scorching energy bill as well.

Whether you intend saving money by running your aircon less or face the heat without one, here are some steps you can incorporate to help you stay cool.

Through the use of adequately designed shading systems, you can block the sun from reaching the windows. One of the best ways to prevent the summer heat is to block the rays from penetrating the windows. Consider putting awnings and shade sails on the outside.

What you can also do is to incorporate the use of solar controlled window films to offer the necessary UV protection. Another way is to plant trees for shade along the side of your home.

Add Interior Blinds, Drapes or Shades

The Moment the sun’s heat penetrated the glass of your windows, the heat will stay in the house and would have to be ventilated for it to escape. To prevent your walls and floors from soaking up the heat, it will help to put another layer of protection in-between the central thermal mass of your abode and the windows.

In this way, sheer drapes come in very handy as it mitigates the rays of the sun to the floor while it maintains the soft, natural daylight. Then again, while reflects the sun much better than colors.

Get the Air to Circulate Better

Air flows well if forced by a fan or when there is a considerable temperature difference with a body of air coming through. Night cooling is an excellent way to bring down the temperature in your home naturally. It is an idea to open your windows in the morning and late in the evening as the air is much cooler during these times.
It is, of course, a brilliant idea to make use of standing fans or a modern ceiling fan to help force air movement for when there is no breeze, and the temperature difference is minimal.

A really cool evaporative technique is to place a big chunk of ice near the front end of your standing fan and a tray below to catch the water once it melts. You will create a cheap and effective DIY aircon, which is ideal for smaller rooms.

How Do You Choose the Right Contemporary Ceiling Fan Company?

What you need to look at is the blade angle and size of the fan to match your ceiling height. They are far more energy-efficient than in times gone by thanks to new technologies and features.

Do not neglect your personal preferences when you go out to buy one. It sure is helpful discussing your needs with ceiling fan professionals such as Modern Fan. They will help determine the correct ceiling fan size and the proper hanging distance from the ceiling.

To ensure optimum air movement, the blade pitch and motor of your ceiling fan are most important. A 12 to 15-degree blade pitch seems to be just right to help one accomplish your cooling goals.
Whether your ceiling fan would wobble, actually move the air properly, or be too noisy, largely depends on the fan’s motor.

Buyers should opt for a high-quality motor with reverse features to ensure year-round air circulation. Another reason you need a top quality motor would be when you intend using the fan in your living rooms and bedrooms as these devices would be used often.

An effective cooling tip is to switch off any major appliances during the day. Anything that generates heat in your apartment can be put off to help maintain cooler temperatures in the daytime.

Do your best not to open the fridge too much. The more you do it, the higher the energy output the motor must give to cool it down again.

Do not forget to keep your body cool by staying hydrated and drink water, which in turn will regulate your body temperature.

We mentioned ceiling fans quite a lot in this article. You may want to get hold of to learn more about the benefits of incorporating these cooling devices into your home.