Mui Ne attractions & Top things to do

Mui ne attractions are not only surrounded in the sea and sunbathing as well as relaxing and surfing at the beach. Is worth visiting some sights once in Mui Ne and Phan Thiet . The highlights are the sand dune landscapes around Mui Ne, which sun reflect a beautiful especially in the early morning and in the evening sun. In addition, the ports, Cham Temple and the family-run fish-factories are worth a visit.

mui ne attractions

The Red Sand dunes

The region around Mui Ne and Phan Thiet is characterized by an impressive desert landscape. Directly behind the beach, sprawling red and white sand dunes rise. For the sunset, Vietnamese tourists and tourists go to the red dunes, which are spread out just behind the fishing village. The rich orange of the sand offers a particularly beautiful color contrast to the deep blue sea. While some were picnicking with friends, the tourists drove down the hills on plastic sheets. Not far away is the Red Canyon, the ravines of the rain washed out of the dunes. Also nearby is the Fairy Spring. A short hike leads through craggy dunes along a river to a small waterfall.

The white Sand dunes

About 30 minutes’ drive from Mui Ne, the most imposing of the white dunes spread out. They stretch a few kilometers inland on an attractive lotus lake and are much less visited. Even in the morning, when it is still cool, visitors have this place mostly for themselves. Just like on the red dunes by the sea, you can do funny slide-skating in the sand hills with plastic mats. The large Ban Ba Lake and a small pond full of lotus blossoms are attractive photographs. In the pine forest on the shores of the lake, small restaurants offer cold drinks and snacks.

Fishing port

In front of the Mui Ne fishing village  and in the middle of Phan Thiet lies a huge fleet of red-blue painted fishing boats during the day. The fishermen that are the Mui Ne Attractions row with small, round basket boats to their anchored ships. They go out into the sea overnight and return with their catch in the morning. They put their catch to dry on the shore. The small sardines are used for making the fish sauce, for which Phan Thiet is known.

Fish sauce factories

Phan Thiet is next to the island of Phu Quoc and is one of the main production site of fish sauce (“Nuoc Mam”). Numerous fisherman families in Mui Ne and Phan Thiet produce home-made Vietnamese sauce for home cooking. Visitors like to show their mostly around a dozen huge barrels. In which they store sardines and salt together. After the fish have fermented for at least half a year, the finished fish sauce is squeezed out.

The Cham towers

Cham towers are sit on a hill between Mui Ne and Phan Thiet which called Thap Po Shanu. While the temple of the complex was destroyed from the 8th century, the red brick erected temples have been preserved and beautifully restored. The place offers a good view over the coast and Phan Thiet. At the beginning of the 20th century, a French nobleman also appreciated this. He erected an imposing estate on the mountain, which has now fallen into ruin.

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