Myanmar essential experiences

Top 5 best things to experience while traveling in Myanmar


Burma (Myanmar) has already find out its reputation and tourism is booming day by day, following Myanmar essential experiences are a guide to let you know what are the top things to do in order to have a unique and different traveling experience. Myanmar itself is an extraordinary destination which anyone who’s looking for new experience must opt for a Myanmar tour packages and include one or even all of our pick for the best things to do in Burma (Myanmar).

# 1 Visit Bagan for Inspiration

Myanmar is home to some of the most impressive and perhaps some of the most important monuments in Asia. Buddhist is the state religion of the country and in such a order you will have a long list of the temples and stupa to visit when traveling in Myanmar. Bagan, is a site which represents more than 10,000 temples dotted around this beautiful vast plain. the best practice to visit them all is via air balloon to get an overlooking view over the plain.

Myanmar Top Destinations - Bagan

#2 Venture through Shwe Oo Min Natural Cave Pagoda

Religious sites and glittering pagodas are what mainly a visit to Myanmar will conclude about, however, one of the Myanmar essential experiences in following list will be Shwe Oo Min Natural Cave Pagoda, located in Pindaya town. Containing thousands of shimmering Buddha statues in all shapes and sizes, this labyrinth of limestone caves is a magical sight to that should not be missed.

Shwe Oo Min Natural Cave Pagoda

# 3 Meet with Intha tribes on Inle Lake

Intha people are living in and around the magical lake of Inle on stilt houses, this interesting tribal people have built their life around this beautiful body of water. One impressive trait of this ethic group is that they have developed a distinctive style of boat rowing – they stand up and row with their legs which makes it a popular things to see for the tourists.

Myanmar top destinations - Inle Lake
Intha man on Inle Lake

# 4 Smoking Cheroots in Myanmar

Smoking Cheroots cigar in Myanmar is something that almost middle-aged to elderly woman and man will do it, however, the Cheroots are aniseed-flavored with fragrant and mild taste. Many fellow travelers will likely to buy a pack or two of them as something unique back from Myanmar trip. Burmese are very fond of smoking Cheroot which can be made by corn husk or leaf. A cheroot, is very common in Burma. The short green, regular varieties, they are everywhere.

smoking Cheroot cigar myanmar
Burmese woman smoking cheroot

# 5 Experience Burmese village life

Village life which combines with the traditional lifestyle of Myanmar is a great choice that not every traveler experience it when they traveling in Myanmar. You may trek down the Shan state and in between Kalaw and up to the north to the remote area of Hsipaw and Kyaukme, these are the unique experience that you wont be able to do it anywhere else in Myanmar. try it as we did it and loved it.

Experience Burmese village life

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