Myanmar top destinations

Myanmar places to visit when traveling in Myanmar

It is somewhat difficult to define Myanmar top destinations since there are absolutely everything from cultural sites, modern cities and ancient Buddhist heritages almost everywhere while traveling inside Myanmar,following is the top 5 places chosen by Hamid, Myanmar travel expert to which you can include any of them to your next Myanmar tour packages

# 1 Myanmar Top Destinations – Yangon

Myanmar’s largest city and the former capital is somehow the most popular city in whole country since almost flights arrive and depart from here. There are some iconic and major tourist sites to which makes Yangon a city that should not miss when traveling in Myanmar, the Shwedagon Pagdoa is the main and must see attraction while Yangon itself with the largest colonial building in region offer so much more to visit from the lazy walk through the old town to the Burmese food discovery.


myanmar top destinations
Shwedagon Pagoda

# 2 Myanmar Top Destinations – Bagan

Comparable with Halong Bay, Angkor Wat, Luang Prabang and or Delta of Mekong as a must see tourist sites across South-east of Asia, Bagan is like a crown on the head of the Myanmar’s tourism. The vast plain is home to thousands of stupa with different sizes and story from different eras of history makes Bagan a magical place to visit. Bagan, is a place in Asia where tourism is becoming incipient and sparse and where there is a landscape which stands out as one of the jewels that remains from the old time. Bagan is one of those truly wonderful sites that many people still do not know about, a majestic place, a place that impacts, and a place that is beginning to be fashionable. Yes Myanmar is changing, Bagan certainly much more. The wonder of Bagan and all its archaeological possibly someday be one of the 7 wonders of the world, give it time, you just have to fence people to know this great country and go slowly opening up to the world.

Myanmar Top Destinations - Bagan
Bagan plain in sunset

# 3 Myanmar top destinations – Inle Lake

Inle Lake, a place surrounded by green mountains with more than 200 villages with floating houses built on stilt. Inle Lake hides everything a traveler wish to see, from hiking, boating, cycling and even vineyards. Visiting Inle Lake is like a surprises of your Myanmar trip, the area is home to Intha people where fishing and farming is their main way of income. Nowadays, the tourism is growing and the Inle Lake has spotted with many luxury hotels and tourism facility. See Myanmar tour packages that include Inle Lake

Myanmar top destinations - Inle Lake
Famous gesture of Fisher-mans in Inle Lake

# 4 Myanmar Top Destinations – Mandalay

Mandalay, was the last royal capital city of Burma which hides many interesting things to see and to experience while traveling in Myanmar. Unlike Yangon, Mandalay is full of motorbikes and bicycles which is a sign of a big Asian city. To see the best places on foot is virtually impossible unless Mandalay Palace or the main hill of the city.

myanmar top destinations - mandalay
A panoramic view over Mandalay palace

# 5 Irrawaddy River Cruise Myanmar

The Irrawaddy is Myanmar’s longest river running from north to south down the centre of the country and unlike Delta of Mekong its not sharing with any other country in the region, the Irrawaddy river is connecting Mandalay with Yangon and along the way it passes through many small town and the villages and the best way to appreciate and travel on the go is to book a vacation with Irrawaddy river cruises

irrawaddy river cruise
Cruising through Irrawaddy River Myanmar

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