Myanmar tourist visa

Myanmar visa requirements

Myanmar tourist visa is issue for the purpose of traveling within Burma (Myanmar) for the certain period of time as in up to 28 day for a single entry visit. Most nationalities include Australian, British, American, Canadian,New Zealand and generally European are required to apply for a visa in order to travel to Myanmar. To have your visa done you may book a Myanmar tour packages which allow you a free entry visa and or apply online and received the approval visa so you can get your visa stamped upon arrival in Myanmar’s international airport. Other nationalities may check with the nearest Myanmar consulate and or embassy to make sure to the visa requirements. However, ASEAN passport holders are given free entry visa upon arrival.

How to apply for a Myanmar tourist visa?

To apply for a visa to enter to Myanmar for traveling purpose you will have two option: one is to refer to the embassy of Myanmar and get your visa done beforehand and the second option ( which is more advised), is to apply online for an e-visa application and receive the visa approval letter within 3 business day. Once you received the approval letter then you will be eligible to board your flight to Myanmar and get your tourist visa stamped into your passport.

Myanmar tourist visa application form download

myanmar tourist visa

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