Popular Touring Destinations Cambodia

Of all the mainland Southeast Asian nations, Cambodia is emerging as a new travelling attraction, especially when people discover much more facets aside from the magnificent Angkor Wat complex. If you called yourself as a true travel-lush, so do not miss any opportunity to discover these most popular touring destinations in Cambodia.

Phnom Penh

Reaching Phnom Penh, the capital city of Cambodia, you will have the opportunity to take a trip to the so-called “Paris of the East”. Phnom Penh is not a city of luxury or neatness but a crossroad of Asia’s past and present, of extremes of poverty and excess, of charm and chaos. This beauty has captivated thousands of visitors each year, making it one of the most popular touring destinations in Cambodia. There are many interesting sites await you in this city, which maybe the Royal Palace, National Museum of Cambodia, Wat Phnom, etc.

Siem Reap, home to Angkor Wat

Aside from the capital city, Phnom Penh, Siem Reap is the fastest growing place in Cambodia thanks to a million tourists pass through it each year. Many travelers come to Siem Reap solely to visit the temples of Ang Wat, and this city has a number of popular touring destinations such as Prek Toal Bird Sanctuary, Land Mine Museum, Angkor National Museum and Tonle Sap Floating Villages which is full of natural resource in terms of fishing and wetlands. Learn more about Angkor Wat Temples

popular touring destinations in Cambodia


Among the most popular touring destinations in Cambodia, Battambang is outstanding with its proximity to a number of ancient temples and shrines, charming French-colonial architecture. The most interesting sites you should not miss are the Wat Ek Temple (11th C.),Wat Baset Temple (7th C.) and Phnom Banon.


The castaway beaches of Cambodia have remained such hidden gems because they are ethereal in their beauty. Among the most popular destinations in Cambodia, Sihanoukville exists as a utopia with deep pink sunsets and crystal clear waters. Beaches in Sihanoukville will be ideal for sunbathing, collecting shells, crabbing, snorkeling and scuba diving.


Being smaller and quieter than Siem Reap, Phnom Penh and Battamtang, the small town Karatie in the north Cambodia illuminates with a different beauty. This is the place you can observe the daily life of the Khmer, enjoying local street food after a morning watching the dolphins, and doing bicycle tours to discover the Khmer culture. When visiting Kratie, you admit that Kratie deserves to be one of the most popular touring destinations in Cambodia.

popular touring destinations in Cambodia

Koh Ker

Abandoned in the jungle for nearly a millennium, the ancient capital Koh Ker has become the most remote temple destination in Cambodia. This popular touring destination in Cambodia, therefore, allures tourists with the stunning, extraordinary temples of Angkor such as Neang Khmao Temple, Pram Temple, Chen Temple, etc.

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