Quan Ho Singing

Quan Ho singing or “Hát Quan Ho” is an antiphonal singing tradition in which men and women take turns singing in a challenge-and-response fashion drawing on a known repertoir of melodies.

Originally Quan Ho singing were exchange songs between two mandarins’ families. Gradually, it spread out and became popular among the northern people. Groups were formed just for singing, and many marriages were formed at these get-togethers. After centuries, Quan Ho Singing became the most significant vietnamese folk-song type.

According to the tradition, only young people used to sing quan h? songs, as the major body of song texts centers on the subject of love and sentimental desire among young adults. Nowadays, elderly singers are quite enthusiastic about singing for guests.

Each of their villages has its own festival. Quan exists in parallel with the village festival, where people are worshiping, goddess, a pair of cases that traditional beliefs.
Among the villages of their festival, Lim Festival (Lim town, Tien Du District, Bac Ninh Province) opened on 13th lunar month, is the biggest opportunity.

Quan ho singing is performed in each village’s festival on which people are worshipping their own goddess. Among annual festivals, Lim Festival on the 13th of January (according to the Lunar Calender) is the most important festivals of Quan Ho performers.

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Quan Ho Singing

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