Battambang artists to devote "City of Heart and Art" Show

Battambang Artists to devote ‘City of Heart and Art’ Show

Battambang artists have recently built an international reputation of its vibrant arts rather than the beauty of being laid-back-in-time as common knowledge
Things to avoid on visiting angkor wat temples

[Inforgraphic] Guide on visiting Angkor Wat Temples

Visiting Angkor Wat Temples is one of the most exciting to do on your trip to Cambodia. Keep in mind some simple rules to avoid cultural traps there.
Cambodia Water Festival

Travel to Cambodia in November to celebrate Water Festival

When November comes, never miss your chance to travel and take part in the Cambodia Water Festival featured with a variety of exciting activities.
Cambodia Grand Palace

Lightening your Cambodia holiday with these 5 must-see sights

Gear up for your Cambodia holiday? Before you go, make sure to include these 5 must-see sights in your trip to this gorgeous countries.
End of the famous bamboo train in Cambodia

End of the famous bamboo train in Cambodia

Cambodia’s gondola-like train is a monument to human ingenuity in a time of necessity and to entrepreneurship in a time…
Incredible Phnom Penh Siem Reap Cambodia Tour Packages

Cambodia to introduce 3 year visas from September 2016

The Cambodian government will soon allow foreigners to stay for up to three years on a single visa in a…

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