Lao New Year Water Festival

Experience the Lao New Year in April

The time when the golden rain flowers are blossoming all over the country is also the time Lao people celebrate the most important occasion of the year, the Lao New Year festival.
Laos colonial building

Visit colonial building – A genius way to discover Laos

Laos is not only famous for its great scenery, ethnic villages and unexplored corners, but also the place to enjoy the old colonial building in Asia.
11 absurd (or completely awesome!?) travel gadgets

11 absurd (or completely awesome!?) travel gadgets

Even though it seems to be not necessary to carry all of those travel gadgets, they might make your living far away from home become much more pleasant.

A day in Ock Pop Tok Luang Phrabang

Don't leave Luang Phrabang until you hitch a tuk tuk to get Ock Pop Tok - a very famous weaving centre which showcases Laos tradition.
Top 10 Laos bizarre foods

Top 10 bizarre foods on the trip to Laos

It turns out Laos cuisine give us not only extremely yummy gourmet experience but also the bizarre foods that must make you some goose-pump.

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