Top 10 Travel experiences Vietnam

“Vietnam is one of my favorite places in Asia. So much history, so much natural beauty, and the Vietnamese people themselves are renowned for their graciousness and good cheer”, the famous writer Marilyn Downing said. Vietnam is quite a hidden pearl that people cannot explore all of it despite of how many times they come to visit. However, this is the top 10 travel experiences Vietnam, which you have never had in your lifetime.

# 1 Spend a night on board the Halong Bay Cruise

UNESCO heritage site of Halong Bay is definitely the must-see for anyone who loves the spectacular natural scenery that Vietnam has to offer. A Halong Bay cruise where visitor can admire a variety of mystery stalactite caves, or visit and witness the daily life of fishermen living in floating villages near the islands.

captivating vietnam 10 day

# 2 Mekong Delta experience

Another best things to experience in Vietnam is just traveling through the lively waterways of the Delta of Mekong in Southern Vietnam, this enable you to experience an amazing vacation whether only in Vietnam and or combine it with a river cruise up to Siem Reap in Cambodia, watching farmers working on their fertile fields or fisherman with their nets, or even stopping in a home to see them making rice paper, which help people get rid of the busy and hectic life as well as make all the sorrows disappear. Make sure to check out Cambodia tour packages

Top 10 Travel experiences Vietnam

# 3 Explore Hoi An ancient town

Bicycle are available everywhere and inexpensive in Hoi An. While cycling around this tiny town, you will have an overview of its beauty and explore the cultural influences of Southeast Asia’s most important port from the 17th through 19th centuries.

hoi an old town - top 10 experiences vietnam

# 4 Staying at “Six Senses” Resort in Con Dao Island

Con Dao Island is renowned for its incredible white sand and deep blue water, and your trip will be more and more memorable if you have a chance to stay and relax at the paradise villas Six Senses.

Staying at “Six Senses” Resort in Con Dao Island

# 5 Cooking Vietnamese Dishes in a culinary tour

Considering top 10 travel experiences Vietnam and you must know that Vietnam is a country with a variety of cuisines and differs from North to South. So learning making traditional foods with Vietnamese chefs will help you discover the culture and people of Vietnam.

Cooking Vietnamese Dishes in a culinary tour

# 6 Visiting ethnic minorities in north of Vietnam

It is also a great escape when traveling to more remote area visiting ethnic tribal minorities nestled in the lush hills in Sapa, Ha Giang or Dien Bien Phu and sharing a cup of tea with locals in their rustic mountain homes.

visiting ethnic minorities in north of vietnam

# 7 Motorbike tour and street foods

Eating street foods is without doubt one of the best things to experience in Vietnam, because Vietnamese food is insanely delicious, cheap, colorful and extremely fresh and what better way to get into a glimpse of it on a motorbike tour at night.

vietnam street food experience

# 8 Visiting Pagodas and Temples

Foreign visitors are always impressed by pagodas and temples in Vietnam which deeply reflect the religious characteristics of Vietnam, as well as the unique architectures (Bai Dinh Pagoda for instance).

Visiting Pagodas and Temples

# 9 Spend a holiday at Vietnam’s top beaches

Vietnam beaches are maybe not the best in the world but they are among the top ones to spend a quality vacation at. Vietnam with over 2000 miles of coastline has plenty of secluded coves with white sands and waters fit for snorkeling. So sunbathing and watching stunning sunsets in the best beaches in Vietnam will be supposed to be one of the best things to do in Vietnam.

vietnam holiday top beach

# 10 Play golf in Vietnam

This is not a new thing to Vietnam as you’ll find some of the oldest golf courses in Asia in Vietnam, however, there are quite a lot of options for playing the golf in Vietnam; in such you may opt for Saigon, Mui Ne, Dalat, Hanoi and many more

play golf in vietnam

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