10 things to expect on a trip to Vietnam

Enough said and its time for a trip to Vietnam specially if it’s the first time for someone who’s planning this vacation, you might plan and think of where to go and what to visit and see what are the top things you would like to experience when visiting South-East of Asia and especially Vietnam. In such you may visiting Vietnam with your family and small children and asking yourself how will i order a food that is suit my family taste? Do they accept British pounds? How is the internet facilities? How will I communicate with the locals when I am out of tour hours and so many different questions. This can get a little bit overwhelming, so we come up with a list of things travelers can expect when visiting Vietnam either for a first time traveler or for the returning one.

10 things to expect on a trip to Vietnam

Hanoi Old Quarter – We love the nightlife

Its Asia and its Vietnam and its a unique destination to be, that’s what Hamid, Marketing manager of VietnamTourPedia.com is explaining about following topic. The nightlife and especially the differences you see in the Hanoi Old Quarter compare to other Indochina destination such as Cambodia and Laos and even Thailand is huge enough to make you fall in love with Hanoi. The are consist of 36 narrow lined streets each with different design and architecture combining the French architecture mixed with the ancient Vietnamese style. In day time you can go for shopping, or even window shopping, walk around, eat the Vietnamese delicious Pho (noodle soup), but, don’t forget to head to Hanoi Old Quarter if you feel like to party in a different way, sit down on a small little plastic chair and order few bia hoi (local Draught beer) and let the night go, on Fridays and especially Saturdays the area is awash with both locals and tourists who came over to get rid of a week of stressed working. So plan accordingly during your free day of touring and we can guarantee you’ll have a great time.

Hanoi Old Quarter - We love the nighlife

Learn a bit of Vietnamese and get around by yourself

No need a Vietnamese class at the local community college. You will find that most people, especially younger speak English ( maybe not as perfect as those in the ghetto). And, one lucky thing is that all signs are written in Latin alphabet, so it’s very easy to get around for those who speak English, however, if you are a long term traveler then we advice you to learn Vietnamese so you can enjoy more involving with locals.

Learn abit of Vietnamese ane get around by yourself

How much and to whom should I tip when visiting Vietnam?

Tipping in Vietnam is not expected unless you want to tip when eating in local restaurants, if you eat the street food then you pay directly to the vendor and no need to tip. You do not need to tip the taxi drivers or cyclo guys whom give you a ride around the streets, however, try to have small amounts of cash so you can pay your tips (if you’d happy with the service). In the other hand, if you are traveling on a guided tour then you a tipping is expected for your guide and to the driver, usually a US$ 5 is expected per day / person

How much and to whom should I tip when visiting Vietnam

TET holiday – The Vietnam traditional new year

TET, the Vietnam traditional new year take place in mid February and it showcases the country culture, tradition and is one of the biggest festivals you may expect to take part if visiting Vietnam during this time, however, plan your trip well in a head of time and if you are booking a package then make sure to book the right one because in this period service fee, accommodations, guides, transportation and other related service are increasing for the period of one week, lean more about the Vietnam tour packages here

TET holiday - The Vietnam traditional new year

Money matters when visiting Vietnam – The Vietnamese Dong

While we suggest you do not bring large sums of cash during your trip to Vietnam, it is recommended you bring a small amount during the days you sightseeing in the cities, since service providers such as restaurants, taxis, café and etc usually take payments in cash. Most (if not all) shops and vendors will accept Vietnamese Dong, expect those tourist shops in the highly crowded tourist areas such as Hanoi Old Quarter or Bui Vien Street in Ho Chi Minh city.

ATMs are widely available throughout the cities and credit cards are widely accepted, you can always exchange at the airports, banks, gold shops as well as most hotels, however, bring enough cash and in Vietnamese Dong if you are traveling to the remote area for a long time.

Money matters when visiting Vietnam - The Vietnamese Dong

Free WIFI and internet access in most of the Vietnam

Internet and WIFI are widely available all around the country, every café, restaurant, all the hotels are offering free to use WIFI, however, you may surf the internet by asking for the password.

Free WIFI and internet access in most of the Vietnam

You will get a warm smile at anytime, anywhere from anyone!

Vietnamese are open heart peoples with a smile on their face at anytime, it may become a bit unusual from those who’s traveling to Vietnam from middle-east, Europe and or other part of the world on “Why these people are always look smiling”, however, learn a bit of Vietnamese and try to make friend and see how you get amazed while stay in the country, if they smile at you and offer you something to buy, then smile back and decide by yourself.

You will get a warm smile at anytime, anywhere from anyone!

Can I swim if I go to Halong Bay?

The short answer is Yes, you can, however, you may book a Halong Bay tour and swimming and kayaking is one part of the many activities that cruise companies are offering. Once in the Bay, cruises will anchor and you will transfer by small boat to the famous Titop beach for swimming and relaxing at the beach, rock climbing, exploring the cave and other activities are all arranged in advance, try to choose a suitable Halong Bay cruise and enjoy your stay

Can I swim if I go to Halong Bay?

Hanging out with the locals

Trust me, you will get something extraordinary if you get along well with the locals, they are open heart peoples and would definitely like to meet and hangout with the travelers, so, try to make friend and stay tuned, your trip to Vietnam will be a memorable one for sure.

Hanging out with the locals

Vietnamese foods – What to eat – What to try

Its hard to tell on what to eat and what to try while visiting Vietnam, especially if you are a first time traveler. However, try beef noodle ( Pho Bo), this is kinda a national dish of Vietnam and it has different taste in different region. The favorites are fried rice with beef or chicken, spring rolls, stir friend veggies with noodle and many more, yummy, try them.

Vietnamese foods - What to eat - What to try

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