11 absurd (or completely awesome!?) travel gadgets

Even though it seems to be not necessary to carry all of those travel facilities, they might make your living far away from home become much more pleasant. Read on and see which one is the exact thing you need.

#1 Ostrich Travel cushion

With a durable covering that encompasses the entire head and neck, the Ostrich Pillow makes it possible to nap anywhere! Catch a quick nap against a bus window, the metal rails of a subway seat, the bark of a tree, on the desk at work, or even the back of a park bench. Anyway, this type of travel gadgets may make you like a zombie.

Interesting travel gadgets

#2 Tugo cup holder

If you run off caffeine and can’t imagine being without it for just a second, you need to invest in this Tugo cup holder. The nifty product keeps your coffee up right between your luggage handle while you roll away to your destination.

Interesting travel gadgets

#3 Neck contraption

The contraption is adjustable so it can sit under your chin or go up around your forehead. It moves around to accommodate different head shapes and sizes. A back strap is trapped between your back and your seat to keep everything in place.

Interesting travel gadgets

The device is clearly aimed at travelers who are tired of inflatable pillows and stiff necks from napping in planes, trains, and automobiles. Unfortunately, most of those activities require wearing it in public where people are likely to snap pictures of you and post them on Facebook.

#4 Toothettes

Toothettes are just the thing for a quick brush-up after an overnight flight. A mint flavored toothpaste is activated when you pop them in your mouth; no water necessary. A gentle foam brush leaves your mouth feeling clean and fresh.

Interesting travel gadgets

#5 ForkChops

Eating Vietnamese food isn’t a simple process. Eating the meat and vegetables with a fork and knife is easy as can be, but noodles tend to be easier to get a hold of with chopsticks. You can either spend the entire meal switching back and forth between a fork and knife, and chopsticks, or you can get a set of ForkChops and save yourself some effort. Each set of ForkChops combines chopsticks with a fork and knife, making them the perfect utensils for any meal from your favorite restaurant in South East Asia.

Interesting travel gadgets

#6 Hand-crank emergency charger

This is the back-up battery with a charger that converts one minute of hand cranking into four minutes of emergency power for a connected cell phone. Ideal for placing an essential call or sending a text when power is not available, its fluid operation provides the same crank-to-power efficiency as dynamos used in larger emergency radios. Its integrated 2,000 mAH lithium-ion battery recharges fully in 2 1/2-hours from a USB connection to most computers or USB AC adapters using the included cable, providing ample energy to fully charge most smartphones (requires smartphone charging cable).

Interesting travel gadgets

#7 Metal detecting sandals

These fun sandals have a built in metal detector, and and can find buried treasure up to 2 feet below the surface, as soon as you spot some treasure a light will come on and the detecting unit will buzz and vibrate.

Interesting travel gadgets

#8 Pickpocket Alarm

The sly pickpockets of the world and especially on your Laos tours, have met their match: Doberman Security’s tiny watchdog holds cell phones and wallets securely in place. Thanks to the pull pin trigger, if anyone tries to lift them from your pocket, they—and you and even the auditory-impaired people around you—will hear a 95-decibel alarm (louder than the average lawnmower).

Interesting travel gadgets

#9 Largest Swiss Army Knives

This largest Swiss Army Knife box might address most of your issues coming up when your hiking like cutting , pressing, opening, etc.

Interesting travel gadgets

#10 EZ sleep travel pillow

The last travel gadget is a kind of pillow wall which can provide private space for you, help you lean your head on while sleeping.

Interesting travel gadgets



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