My peaceful weekend in Ba Be lake

I had a great weekend getaway that I could enjoy peaceful moments in Ba Be Lake, Bac Kan province.



On the first day, we visited Ba Be freshwater lake. It took us about 6 hours to Ba Be lake by bus – from 6 am and arrived at around 12 am.
We were strongly impressed by the wild and romantic beauty of Ba Be lake, that made us think about a blue pearl lying in the mountain.



Ba Be seems to be hanged on the mountain with its height at 145 m compared with sea level, 650 ha water surface area in 8 km length which is looped by 2 small islands namely An Ma island and Ba Goa island. We rent a boat riding around the lake, immersed in infinite paradise created by the blue water merging with the sky. We talked and laughed, we played guitar and sang a song to join ourselves with this amazing nature. Mixing with our emotion, birds were singing and we thought we were listening to an endless symphony. Then we passed Puong cave to see hundreds of stalactite with various shapes, took some pictures of Dau Dang waterfall, Ao Tien which are gifts presented by nature. We were so surprised and happy to enjoy the colour change of water surface, from noontime to sunset, Ba Be lake was like a mirror reflecting every beautiful scenes.


Ao Tien looks like a mirror


Ba Be Lake in a nice capture



After 5 hours traveling around Ba Be lake, we came to our homestay in Pac Ngoi village and enjoyed dinner. It is quite pity if you visit Ba Be lake and miss a chance staying in a homestay in Pac Ngoi Village where you can live and join with local daily life, cook by yourself and taste some special food with local people, believe me, you will have an unforgettable and great moments.

Midnight came, we lighted camp-fire, some corns and sweet potatoes were grilled, hands in hands, we danced around the fire, then we played a game that all people should answer the question raised by others, we needed to tell the truth, at that moment, there was no distance among us, only friendship, sky with thousand stars and smiles covered our souls. We did enjoy the warm feelings that we rarely had in our busy life in noisy city by that way.



On the second day, we woke up in the early morning, enjoying trekking tour around Pac Ngoi village. We walked along a small river, passing through rice field and caught nice landscapes along the road. And many small things to discover by ourselves, many wild flower clusters suddenly appearing behind the grass along the lake side.



Well, our stomach was knocking, a lunch with chicken and sticky rice together with various types of special vegetables was waiting for us. After the delicious lunch, we got on bus, coming back to Hanoi at around 6 pm.

 Well-prepared lunch for our team



Food arts in Bac Kan province with colorful sticky rice



A lot of memories for Ba Be lake will be kept in our mind, promise to come back soon, Ba Be lake!

Some pictures are collected from Internet.

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