[Inforgraphic] Amazing uses of ornamental trees on Vietnamese Tet holiday

In these days, you can feel Tet holiday is so close in Vietnam. The streets are crowded and decorated with coloured lights and red banners. Together with the merry atmosphere, peach blossom, apricot blossom, kumquat trees and daisy flower are showing off their beauty with striking colour for traditional Tet.

Lunar New Year or Tet Lunar New Year or Tet Holiday is a fete of the family, and the time for family members to gather at home to enjoy warm atmosphere. Every Vietnamese family has their own way celebrating the New Year, but they always opt for a special ornamental trees for such a special event. In addition, Vietnamese people also use those decorative plants for many different uses. Read on and find out amazing uses of them right now!

Tet holiday ornamental tree
Tet holiday ornamental tree


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