Experience the Lao New Year in April

The time when the golden rain flowers are blossoming all over the country is also the time Lao people celebrate the most important occasion of the year, the Lao New Year festival.

Top destinations in Vietnam for your best romantic Valentine day

Have you planed anything for the upcoming Valentine's day? If not yet, let's set your busy work aside and spend a romantic trip with your beloved right now!

The mysterious beauty of Phnom Kulen National Park

Every year, many people get on their pilgrim Cambodia tours to Phnom Kulen National Park to see impressing waterfalls, Buddhist architectures and sculptures

Unknown Secrets of Myanmar temples

Unknown Secrets of Myanmar temples such as Shwedagon with 8 strands of the Buddha's hair, Dhammayangyi - the temple of sinful deeds, etc.

8 great features of Halong Bay Seaplane

Halong Bay seaplane will help you enjoy the spectacular views from the high above sky or jump out of your skin when it suddenly lands on the water.

[Inforgraphic] The differences between Vietnamese Tet holiday and Chinese New Year

Discover the differences between Vietnamese Tet holiday and Chinese New Year and find your way to experience such great festivals in Asia!

Review the best Halong Bay Cruises 2017

Review the best Halong Bay Cruises which are based on cruise's service, trip quality, cabin's facility and most importantly, travelers' reviews.

Surprising Facts You Don’t know about Myanmar

Myanmar is such a strange country that you can be surprised at the first time seeing this. So let's read on and prepare yourself!

Halong Bay Entrance fee doubles since Jan 2017

Halong Bay Entrance fee have increased since 2017 for renovation, conservation and promotion of the value of this heritage site.

Visit colonial building – A genius way to discover Laos

Laos is not only famous for its great scenery, ethnic villages and unexplored corners, but also the place to enjoy the old colonial building in Asia.

[Inforgraphic] Amazing uses of ornamental trees on Vietnamese Tet holiday

Besides decorating purpose, Vietnamese people also use Tet holiday trees for many different uses. Read on and find out amazing uses of them right now!

Why Vietnamese burn hell money on eve of Lunar New Year?

Hell money is widely used in worship and ritual offerings to the dead, particularly around Lunar New Year festivities in Vietnam. Here is why!

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