[Inforgraphic] Amazing uses of ornamental trees on Vietnamese Tet holiday

Besides decorating purpose, Vietnamese people also use Tet holiday trees for many different uses. Read on and find out amazing uses of them right now!

Why Vietnamese burn hell money on eve of Lunar New Year?

Hell money is widely used in worship and ritual offerings to the dead, particularly around Lunar New Year festivities in Vietnam. Here is why!

11 absurd (or completely awesome!?) travel gadgets

Even though it seems to be not necessary to carry all of those travel gadgets, they might make your living far away from home become much more pleasant.

Not brave enough, don’t go to Bokor Hill Station in Cambodia

Used to be filled up with crowd and wealth, the eerie Bokor Hill Station now makes people astonished by its quaint beauty. Read on and find more.

Cannot resist the taste of cambodian Clams in Phnom Penh

In spite of alerts from health experts, Cambodian Clams are still one of the most favourite dishes for not only local people but also travelers.

5 reasons not to skip Inle Lake on your trip to Myanmar

Many travelers are so excited about visiting Bagan, the emperor of pagodas, and skip Inle Lake without aware of the miracle attraction there.

Pho Cali A blended flavor of America Vietnam and Cambodia

Pho Cali is a masterpiece by an Cambodian-American. This Vietnamese dish is developed and added some American and Cambodian twist.

Vietnam among top 10 tourist and Eco-tourism destinations in the world

Vietnam has been listed among the top 10 tourist destination in the world. The tourism experts, has chosen different destinations…

Looking for a lonely space in Ta Pa Mountain

An Giang province’s Ta Pa mountain, one of famous seven peaks named, lures nature-loving tourists to come and hide themselves from the daily bustle life.

A day in Ock Pop Tok Luang Phrabang

Don't leave Luang Phrabang until you hitch a tuk tuk to get Ock Pop Tok - a very famous weaving centre which showcases Laos tradition.

Myanmar Travel Dairy: 3 best things to do in Bagan

I had never given much thought about Myanmar before my friend, a photographer, told me about its breathtaking scenery and…

Hanoi street food specialties to try in winter

To begin with, for most visitors and expat residents, the Hanoi’s winter always come as a shock. They ask themselves…

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