Cannot resist the taste of cambodian Clams in Phnom Penh

Clams are one of the most favourite staples in many Cambodia destinations. Even though Cambodian clams are available all year around, people do not have them during the rainy season. They believe that rain can spoil the quality of the taste. Cambodian people use clams to make many kinds of foods. However, dried clams are preferably eaten.

Cannot resist the taste of cambodian Clams in Phnom Penh
Stir-fried Cambodian clams

The way to make Cambodian clams

As normal, there is trucks which transfer clams to Phnom Penh at around three o’clock early in the Morning.The most popular place for clams is 7 Makara market in Tuol Kok district. Right at the time the truck stops, dried clams sellers jump in to buy some kilos for the upcoming morning.

Cannot resist the taste of cambodian Clams in Phnom Penh
Dried Clams with sweet and sour taste

First of all, Cambodian clams are poured into fresh water and soaked for 2 hours so they can open their shells and spit mud out. After that, sellers clean the shell by stiring them by hand then rinse clams off water for about 15 minutes. Next vendors put washed clams in boiling water for three minutes then mixed them with salt, seasoning, sugar, chilly and minced garlic.

Gear up and sell clams on the road

In Phnom Penh, it is quite normal to see a dried clam vendors who sitting under sunlight on a small broken chair. Sam Chet, one of vendors at the corner of Neak Vann Pagoda along the Russian Boulevard, said that she has sold clams here since the early 1990s. She also said that dried clams used to be laid on the ground, so it is actually more hygienic to have them laid on a cart with a zinc panel.

Cannot resist the taste of cambodian Clams in Phnom Penh

Despite Heath Alerts for Cambodian clams

While medical doctors recommends that Cambodians should not eat this kind of food at all. Clams are boiled for a few minutes then put on a plate. Who know if they still remain some bacteria? Inspite of those expert alerts, many fans of dried clams cannot refrain from eating them once seeing them on the road. Reun Scrib, a 20-year-old student of Institute of Technology admided that he knew what might go wrong with his health but it is worth such an beautiful dish! How about you? Can you turn your back on this kind of Cambodia ‘s Clams?


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