Tips For Renting a Motorbike in Vietnam

Traveling to south-east of Asia and to Vietnam would probably bring you an idea of renting a motorbike on your next trip to Vietnam? Here are a few good tips that helps traveler to find a better way and also get to know the best way since many of you never traveled with motorbike then It will help you to get things started.

Many of you enter to Vietnam through Ho Chi Minh city and or to Hanoi and try to start an adventure with the motorbike to experience a trip to Vietnam on two wheels, the first thing you might pay attention is the price for pretty much everything in Vietnam will be negotiable and you just need to find a good place on renting a motorbike that allow you to rent in one city and give it back to the other city. Actually you will buy the motorbike and then you sell it again once your journey end

However, some travelers prefer to rent a motorbike and the average price per day in Hanoi will be around 150 to 200.000 Vietnamese dong per day and in the south around Ho Chi Minh city is 250.000 Vietnamese dong a day (about 5.30 USD). If you aren’t happy with a negotiated price that the dealer gives you, feel free to walk away and seek out other places. There are so many places to rent from, you won’t have a problem finding another one.

Tips For Renting a Motorbike in Vietnam

Also, if you are living in Vietnam for short and or long term you would be likely to find and rent a monthly motorbike which will cost you around 900.000 to 1 million Vietnamese dong for a scooter and little lower for a manual motorbike. There are also many tour organizer that professionally organize your adventure in Vietnam. Make sure to check all the Vietnam tours and choose a perfect packages to travel the length of the country via motorbike

Do I have to handover my actual passport when renting a motorbike in Vietnam?

A very general question and yes, you will have to make them happy to get the motorbike back after you rent it from them, many places are asking to hold your actual passport one you rent the motorbike, some ask for where are you working (if you rent for long time). However, you can just give them a copy of your passport along with your visa page. Never hand over your actual passport since this is risky and they might ask you to pay the big amount of money once you get the motorbike back, this is because they are telling you for the scratches you made on motorbike and other damages. Of course you must be responsible and take care of the bike you rented. Try to make a research and find a reliable place and rent the bike to get less trouble in case you damage the bike (of course you have to fix the bike and make it like how it was when you rent the motorbike)

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Review the bike condition when you rent it

Vietnam is a land of the motorbike lovers and almost everyone would love to experience and traveling through the country on two wheel. However, before you jump on the motorbike and to avoid the argue after you get the bike back to the shop, you might take some photos showing the scratches on the motorbike, better if make a short video showing the bike and the owner. Im just sharing my years of experience living in Hanoi and surely this small tips are helping you guys to get a better experience.

Get a short drive and test the motorbike before renting

Test the bike and make sure the engine run well, the breaks are operating good and also to show the owner that you are double check the motorbike in front of him. The breaks are the most important part of the motorbike you going to ride especially if you are driving for the country sides and for long journey. Safety is the most and foremost priority. Also, when you rent the bike they are almost full of the gasoline, ask the owner to show you the first gas station of just ask them to fill her up with extra charge.

How long can one drive per day?

If you are buying / renting a motorbike to drive the length of the country, you might be aware of driving too much since you are going to travel and it is better to travel slow and not more than 200 KM / day. If you are driving through the northern mountainous roads of Vietnam then this might be something like driving of not more than 100 KM since the roads are not well maintained and the amazing scenery will definitely stop you to drive more

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Generally saying, Vietnamese are nice and really helpful and friendly and eager to help foreigners at any occasion, however, since this job become somewhat related to money and tourist things then some people are thinking over and might want to get some extra cash from your hand. Again, take it easy and love Vietnam like I do.