Not brave enough, don’t go to Bokor Hill Station in Cambodia

Among many Cambodia touring destinations, Bokor Hill Station attracts travelers in a different way. The place was originally a thriving French resort town, where visitors could find solace from the oppressive heat of the capital of Phnom Penh. However, after being destroyed and abandoned twice, the site now is a ghost town with spectral and decaying buildings catering around.

Travel Bokor Hill Station in Cambodia

Before abandoned in 1940s, Bokor Hill Station was a paradise of shops with an apartment complex, the Bokor Palace Hotel & Casino. Khmers later revived in the late 1950s, making use of the buildings and land in the aftermath of the First Indochina War. Ironically, Bokor Hill Station was abandoned once again in 1970s because of the war between Khmer Rouge and the Vietnamese. Visitors can still spot many remnants of war from the battles.

At the moment, Bokor Hill Station is a popular tourist hotspot. Located within a national park, visitors can explore the chilling resort town at will, and get a more physical understanding of the often violent conflict that shaped Cambodia’s 20th century. Yet the journey to this abandoned location is no cakewalk. Bokor Hill Station is located 42 kilometers from Kampot, accessible only via heavily potholed, deteriorating roads that connect to the local town.


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