Vietnam Tour Pedia: Q&A with Huong Le, An Inbound Tour Sale

Vietnam Tour Pedia is a pioneer tour operator and full service tourism agency offering a large numbers of holiday packages for a trip to Vietnam and or other enchanting destinations within South-East of Asia. We have decided to interview our team and let them speak about their feeling while they are working in this exciting and day-by-day growing travel agency, here below we interview with Ms. Huong Le and asked her about why she loves it working in tourism.

Huong Le: An Inbound Tour Sale

I am Huong Le and have been working in Viet Center Tourist & Event., LTD ( for since past 4 year, my responsibility is to design special interest tour itinerary and be in touch with the Travel agents in South-East of Asia to support them on their request for Vietnam and Indochina. I’d love to propose different tours and holiday packages according to the needs and interest of each traveler. Usually I will design 3 different itinerary and submit them to the client so they can have different tour program and finally they can focus on what that catches their interest more.

Tell us about your favorite destinations in Vietnam?

Its difficult for me to speak about either one or even few favorite destinations since my country has a lot to offer in terms of natural beauty, culture, foods and so on. However, my top pick up would be Hanoi ( where I am living), Halong Bay, Northwest of Vietnam and Saigon as well as Hue, seems too much … with smile

Working in tourism: What you like most?

Before I work in Vietnam Tour Pedia I was dreaming to travel to all the corners of Vietnam in order to get to know my country better, in fact I did travel to Northwest of Vietnam because I’d like to be in the lap of nature, I like to travel in an adventure theme and besides I like to know more about the culture and background of each regions in my country, so, I prefer to be on a guided tour so a tour guide tell me stories behind the sites i am visiting.

Vietnam Tour Pedia

What shouldn’t be miss when visiting South-East of Asia?

Well, again you asking a difficult question, said Huong Le J I’d like to suggest Ha Giang in north of Vietnam this region has a lot to offer from green mountains to special tribal lifestyle as well as a lot of active things to do. I suggest a motor bike trip from Hanoi. However, for Laos I would definitely suggest a few day visit to Luang Prabang, when in Cambodia traveler shouldn’t miss Siem Reap and the majestic temple of Angkor Thom and my favorite temple is Banteay Srei and in Burma ( Myanmar) I always vote for Bagan

Any Travel tips for first time travelers in Vietnam?

They definitely should visit Hanoi, this is a charming capital city that offers anything from history, culture, life-style and so on. I would suggest a longer stay in capital city to get to know the city’s atmosphere and the unique lifestyle, Hanoi is different from other cities in Asia, once in here they must take a day trips to urban area and see how different is Hanoi from what they see on a usual sightseeing.

I suggest to apply Vietnam tourist visa before planning their trip to Vietnam. Any religion can be practiced freely here, so traveler with religion in mind doesn’t have any issue while visiting Vietnam.

Another advice is to avoid traveling with motorbike ( if they are not familiar with driving in here).

Nightlife in Vietnam is one of the most thrilling things that one could experience as each city has its own version of fun things to do during the night.

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