A wonderful trip to Cu Lao Cham Island

By Hoang yen We visited Cu Lao Cham on saturday , 09th September 2017. Cu Lao Cham located in Quang…


Ly Son Island is the garlic kingdom of Vietnam. It is the only island belongs to Quang Ngai province .…

Indochina Holiday Packing Essentials

Holidays within Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia and or even Myanmar with all of the unique surprises, amazing things to see and…

Can a foreigner apply for a Vietnamese permanent residence card?

I am a foreigner and married to a Vietnamese. We have been living and working in Hanoi for 15 years,…

Trip to Laos where Adventure meets Nature

Laos is a landlocked destination located in the heart of Indochina region bordering with Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand and Myanmar. Laos…

Saigon Travel Guide

Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, still known as Saigon, is a cacophony of sights, chaos and sounds that is rewards…

Visit Vietnam and Discover a Different Beach holidays

certain beach holidays in Vietnam through the different destinations in this beautiful country come to exemplify the idyllic island experience

Tips For Renting a Motorbike in Vietnam

Riding a motorbike in Vietnam can be one of the most enjoyable experience for a trip to Vietnam

Review the best Halong Bay Cruises 2017

Review the best Halong Bay Cruises which are based on cruise's service, trip quality, cabin's facility and most importantly, travelers' reviews.

11 absurd (or completely awesome!?) travel gadgets

Even though it seems to be not necessary to carry all of those travel gadgets, they might make your living far away from home become much more pleasant.

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