Vietnam Tuong Singing

Tuong singing is a kind of traditional stage performance of Vietnam, which people love, both in the past and present. Tuong singing was established based on the art of singing, dancing, folk, opera and literature. Tuong was started to form in the 14th-15h century, reached its golden time in the 18th-19th century in Nguyen dynasty and in some provinces of Middle region. Tuong singing received some cultural influences of the region in its process of development.

On the way of reflecting reality and life, Tuong singing shaped its form of talking, singing, dancing, disguising, costume, make up, music and characters’ personalities according to Eastern philosophy. These models, which are very important fundamentals, require the artists to follow strictly. On the other hands, the models bring a lot of advantages to the artists. The specific traits in language of Tuong made it classic, profound, and at the same time, very modern, fresh, long-lived.

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Vietnam Tuong Singing

Ticket price: 150.000 VND/ticket.

Hong Ha Vietnam Tuong Singing Theater
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